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To order a pack just call or e-mail at the numbers found elsewhere on this page. There is no online order page. There is typically someone able to answer from 9am to 6pm Eastern time most days, occasionally on weekends.

We prefer a no-fee form of payment, like Venmo, when possible, but also gladly accept most credit cards.

For Venmo send your account and we will send a request when we have the total with shipping.

For credit cards we need:

1. the card number
2. expiration date
3. 3-digit security code
4. the card's billing address zip code.

A check is also fine. If you provide an address we can give you a total with shipping for the check amount.

Lately, we have found that the US Mail is the most economical shipping method. Shipping is not included in the price and will be based on whatever the USPS charge is to your destination.
USPS charges usually run between $14.00 to $35.00 depending on the pack weight and your location. Expect it to be on the lower end for destinations closer to NH and on the higher side for West Coast destinations.
Some sample Priority rates (updated April 2022):

West Coast and most Mountain States:
Chaos .............$35 ($30. Ground)
Chernobyl ......$32 ($27. Ground)
Valdez/Ozone..$28. ($24. Ground)

New England:
Chaos ..............$16
Chenobyl .........$15.

Other states:

Somewhere between those

International orders (including AK and HI) can be shipped via US Mail. We also need a phone number for customs on international orders.
Overseas orders (non-U.S.)usually run $60-80. Canadian orders usually go $40-50.

Sorry, we do NOT have a retail or display space at our facility and it is not possible to "drop by" to look at packs. Packs are usually shipped as soon as they are assembled and typically there is nothing finished on hand to look at.

phone: 603 383 9021

Cold Cold World
P O Box 582
Jackson NH 03846

We still offer the option to return any pack you order if for some reason you decide it's just not for you. Simply return it, unused, in the same condition you got it, for a full refund, minus the shipping.
Packs with customizations of any kind are not returnable or exchangable.

Back sizes are determined by measuring from the tip of the hip bone to the prominent cervical bone near the base of the neck. This is the standard measurement used throughout the industry. There are currently a number of how-to videos on youtube that explain back measuring more clearly than we can here.

The back lengths of the smaller packs (Valdez, Ozone) will closely match your own back measurement. The larger packs (Chernobyl, Chaos) will run a couple inches longer than your own back's measurement for a good fit.
In general, though, our size medium/regular fits people 5'8" to 5' 11" while a large fits those over 5' 11". This varies, as torso lengths vary from person to person. Our packs have non-adjustable harnesses.
All of our products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials. We will repair or replace any item found to be defective. This does not include the considerable wear and tear that is to be expected from technical climbing. We may also repair non-warranteed damage for a reasonable fee on packs that we judge to be worth saving.

custom orders
Because all of our packs are made right here in our Jackson, NH shop we are able to build in minor customizations on our standard designs. Some examples are: adding or removing features such as compression straps, ice tool attachments, or extension sleeves. Most customizations will require an additional charge; some very simple changes may be done for no extra charge. This is not intended to be a low cost design-your-own-pack service. We do not encourage changes and please don't ask us to recommend changes because you can't think of any on your own. We may decline to undertake changes that require major pattern reworking or that we determine to be impractical. Give us a call if your adventures require something special.

Here is a short list of customizations which we will not undertake:

1. Any kind of side access zipper or similar
2. Any kind of external pockets, especially water bottle holders
3. Shovel-carrying contrivances
4. Hip-belt pouches

Custom colors may be possible on request depending on what is available. Small amounts of fabric must be special ordered so there will be an additional charge to cover shipping and other costs. It is usually $20-30 extra. It also adds about 1-2 weeks to the turnaround time.

Retro fitting older packs with newer features is possible but frequently not practical. It often first requires major disassembling of the pack. Un-stitching is an extremely laborious and time consuming process and tends to get rather expensive. By contrast, while the pack is being assembled the first time it may be relatively easy to add the same feature. So think ahead and avoid ordering a pack with the idea that you will just add whatever special features you might want later on.


contact us

phone: 603 383 9021

Cold Cold World
P O Box 582
Jackson NH 03846

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